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"At the end of the day, it is hard to perform better than a well researched and thought-out system."
                                                            - Richard Dennis

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.”
                                                            - Warren Buffet

Our Values - Objectivity, Quality, Value, and Growth.

The Turtle Story
  • In the early 1980s during a visit to Turtle-breeding farm in Singapore, the already successful and famous commodities trader Richard Dennis (or "The Prince of the Pit" by The New York Times) in Chicago was inspired by squirming Turtles to say "We're going to raise traders just like they raise Turtles in Singapore."
  • Mr. Dennis believed that successful trading was an activity that could be learned, rather than an innate ability. The Turtle program showed that anyone with a good set of rules and sufficient funds could be a successful trader.
  • Wall Street Journal reported in 1989 “Richard Dennis, the legendary Chicago trader turned $400 into $200 million in 18 years."

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Wall Street Turtles Ventures is based in San Diego, America's Finest City, part of Southern California coast, well known as a vibrant high technology and innovation center in the U.S. and the world, along with Silicon Valley in Northern California.

We at Wall Street Turtles assess venture capital investment opportunities from a rare perspective in venture capital community; that is, we do our diligence as science and technology, engineering and product development veterans and with our own entrepreneurial background. We commit considerable time and resources to evaluating and analyzing prospective investments. All investment decisions rely on a well established and rigorous proprietary due diligence process, including comprehensive financial, commercial, operational and legal analysis. This unique ability enables high confidence in our values “Objectivity, Quality, Value, and Growth” to generate significant capital appreciation.

We have an emphasis in the following areas with disruptive technologies and innovative applications:
  • Medical devices, Life sciences, Pharmaceuticals,
  • Robotics, especially for manufacturing,
  • Technology and applications for healthcare services, and elder care,
  • Technology for air-conditioned transportation and warehouse facilities,
  • Technology for automotive industry.
Other areas of investment interest include:
  • Security, Networking, Communication infrastructures, Information technology,
  • eCommerce, Mobile computing,
  • Advanced software,
  • Water quality technology,
  • Food safety technology,
  • Cost effective clean technology, Efficient energy storage,
  • Hollywood film production and distribution,
  • Golf, resort and highly-amenitized property development in the U.S. and in the Caribbean.
At Wall Street Turtles, we seek to partner with great minds (entrepreneurs, venture capital investors, advisors) for the next big thing.

The history of Wall Street Turtles ™ (WallStreetTurtles.com) started in May 2010. It regarded Turtle trading as an institution, and initiated an institution building effort for the advancement of Turtle trading fundamentals with a research-oriented and process-driven platform; Turtle Trading Rule Development Roadmap™. The platform is for program trading talents to develop and share quality Turtle trading rules for respective market scenarios.

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  • Assist investors (angels, venture capital, private equity, investment banks, institutions, strategic partners) including in China for M&A, IPO, strategic joint ventures with an emphasis on projects based in Southern California and Silicon Valley.
  • Raise venture funds for early stage startups with unique or disruptive technologies, for companies seeking follow-on rounds (especially for marketing and sales use at a significant growth and expansion stage) with a clear path to exit.
  • Provide support with an active role for successful investments by offering strategic and engineering advice, support (including help with efficient manufacturing, marketing and sales, service and support, market access and JV partners, business entity setup, government regulatory approvals in China), and providing access to expansion capital.
  • Foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, capital providers, industry executives and professional services providers.
  • Help outbound investment from China to identify new opportunities, establish a foothold in international markets, and acquire international branding and technology in the U.S. for a significant leverage in China domestic market.


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Management and Working Board
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Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
Moore Venture Partners
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San Diego Venture Group

Our Venture Capital And Advisory Services       goto top

For investors (including M&A, IPO, JV activities),

  • Provide exceptional local insight, strategic M&A and joint venture expertise (including financing alternatives, deal trends and terms, confidentiality concerns, operational/financial/legal decisions, options to partner), due diligence, transactions (term sheets and valuations, etc).
  • Collaborate in deal identification and origination, sourcing, execution, client and fund management with strong cross-border transactions and innovation experience.
  • Possess a dedicated team in China for execution support.
  • Foster deals and provide equity leverage for lead venture capital investors.
  • Introduce our portfolio companies to interested investors actively sourcing and funding.
  • Manage your portfolio companies for successful investments.

Key investment strategy,

  • Investment diversification: Hi-tech startups with disruptive technologies and innovative applications (especially in medical devices, life sciences - defined as: including for therapeutics, diagnostics), highly-amenitized property development in the U.S. and the Caribbean, Hollywood film production and distribution.
  • Investment size: $250K-$3M USD or up with additional capital reserved for follow-on rounds.
  • Security type: Preferred equity, Common equity, Convertible notes.
  • Shareholdership: Minority ownership, Majority preferred lead investor.
  • Investment duration: Preferred exit in Y3-Y5 with expected significant recapitalization opportunity.
  • Realizing value potential through active ownership, including by improving corporate governance, operational performance, corporate strategy and structure, by maintaining a strong commitment to oversight of each of investments and working constructively with the management and board of directors for increase of the company’s competitiveness.
  • Financing enabling completion of clear, value-creating milestone(s).
  • Financing with broader institutional syndicate.

Key investment criteria,

  • Exceptionally talented and cohesive entrepreneur teams.
  • At a significant growth and expansion stage with a clear path to exit.
  • Very strong data to indicate the market needs and suggest positive outcomes.
  • Product in market with revenue from sales, and break even or very close to break even.
  • Location agnostic.

For Chinese real estate investors interested in golf courses, resorts, and other property development in the U.S. and in the Caribbean,

Wall Street Turtles Ventures is pairing up with a world’s premier, full-service real estate services company with a leadership position in virtually every key business center across the globe. A recent transaction includes 1,500 acres of land on Antigua to a major Chinese holding company for building a $800 million resort on the site.
For entrepreneurs (including in European countries like Germany for U.S. capital market),

You have disruptive technologies and innovative applications (breakthrough technology, revolutionary products, amazing results). You are an expert in the field. You even have current sales. You need significant amounts of capital to maintain the momentum, we would like to assist you with the following:

  • Review your business plan, executive summary and invest deck, and determine if differential advantage, IP portfolio, sustainable competitive advantage, and the opportunity are sufficiently attractive to potential strategic partners and investors.
  • Provide capital, advisory leadership and mentorship to select entrepreneurs (with vision and passion, ingenuity and disruptive technology for an immense need in a large market) with our experience and network of global reach contacts (the U.S., China, Europe), take an active role on the board, help mitigate various risks (including management, technology, development, finance, regulatory, go-to-market), and build your business to its full potential.
  • Help with efficient manufacturing, marketing and sales, service and support, market access and JV partners, business entity setup, government regulatory approvals in China.
  • Foster new ideas and connections to fulfill those ideas, including for R&D commercialization programs, innovative go-to-market strategy, a clear path to exit.

Springboard program

Wall Street Turtles Ventures is pairing up with prominent organizations with flagship programs in San Diego to provide a mentoring program; assisting and preparing startups with marketing, financial, and strategic business advice for funding opportunities. 

Your application will be reviewed by a Pre-Screen Committee. You will be notified if selected to present to fellow Springboard participants, business advisors and business executives for feedback at an Intake Panel within two weeks of applying. 

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Golf, Resort And Highly-Amenitized Property Development In The U.S. And In The Caribbean


Gold Standard Hollywood Film Production And Distribution


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